What is inside the memberís area?
You will find all of the latest tools for accessing the largest peer-to-peer networks on the planet. You will also find online tutorials making it easy for you install and learn the tools provided and a collection of tools that include video players (allow you to play the latest video files), CD burning application and much much moreÖ

I thought the software was free. Why am I being asked to pay?
The software is free. You are paying for the online help and support and the online tutorials for the lifetime of the membership.

What kind of support can I expect?
We have 3 teams of people offering support around the clock and 7 days a week. Inside our memberís area, you will find clear online forms where you can submit your questions. You get clear concise answers back in record time.

Is my registration secure and confidential?
Absolutely! Your personal information and email are never shared with any other organization whatsoever Ė we take confidentiality very seriously. Our registration process and payment pages are 100% secure and managed by iPAY (the Internetís largest payment processor).

How do I figure out which product to download?

The best way to figure out which product is best for you is to read the short product descriptions found by clicking the product name on the Index of Products page. If you want additional information, choose one of the links beneath the Get Software button. It indicates for which platforms and in which languages each product is available, what its system requirements are, and how much it costs.

How long will it take to download a product?
Download times vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the number of other people trying to download software at the same time. For an estimate of download times with a 28.8 Kbps modem, choose the Download Specs link next to each product description on the Index of Products page.

Do I need Windows Media Player to play the tracks?
Yes. We strongly recommend the use of Windows Media Player (Version 7 or higher) to playback the tracks that have been downloaded. There are other players available on the net that support the wma format but the version upgrades might not be as up to date as the Windows Media Player. However, you don't need any software player on your computer to play/sample the tracks onsite. The site offers a embedded player which pops up as you click "play this track".

Can I transfer these tracks to any portable devices or portable media?
Yes. The "DRM" adds a right in the license to enable or disable copying to a portable device or portable media. When enabled, the packaged digital media file can be copied to a portable device or portable media. The number of times you can export the track to trusted (secure) and insecure portable players will be specified in the license agreement form which pops up when you try to download the track for the first time. The license is bound to a unique ID on the portable device or media.

How long does it normally take to download a track?
On an average, on a 56.6 Kbps dial-up modem, a 4 to 5 minute track would take about the same time to download as any other 3-4 MB file. The time taken is directly proportional to the length and the file size of the track you are downloading. With a cable/DSL or any other broadband connection, it should take relatively lesser time. This is purely dependent on your internet connectivity, since different Internet Service Providers (ISP) offer different speeds. The download will be much faster if the internet traffic at that point of time is low.

Does it matter that I connect to the internet through a proxy?
In most cases, no. However, we advise you to contact your network administrator to do the needful, if any change is the network settings is required.

How do I install your programs (what's a .ZIP file)?
Installation varies from program to program; most of the programs have their own installer (these files end in an .EXE), and you simply need to double click on the icon, and follow the directions. Now other files are in a compressed format called "PKZIP", which makes the download size smaller and speeds up how quickly you get it. In order to use a program that has been compressed like this, you need a utility that will expand it back up to its original size. There are many utilities like this, but the easiest is probably WinZip. It's a relatively small and very easy to use program, and you'll find it immensely useful the more time you spend downloading things off of the net, since a very large amount of the information is compressed using utilities similar to this. Once you have downloaded and installed it, click Open or Run this program from its current location.

I try to download, but all I get is a Server Error?
A couple of scenarios can cause a Server Error #500. Most common is that our servers are experiencing some temporary network problems. Normally, these problems are fixed within an hour; however, it is possible for them to go on longer. Please contact technical support.

My web browser asks me if I want to save or open the file. What should I do?
When downloading the software, your web browser may ask whether you want to save the file or open it from its current location. It is always recommended that you choose to save the file to a directory on your computer's hard drive. This way you can reinstall the software at a later date without having to download it again. After the download is complete, you can install the software by double-clicking on the file.

I just downloaded and saved the file to my hard drive, but I forgot where it is. How can I find it again?
This is a common problem and the solution is very easy. Normally your web browser defaults to the same directory for every download, until you change it. An easy way to find out the download directory is to simply start another download. When asked, choose to save the file to your hard drive and the "Save As" window will appear, revealing your download directory. I downloaded a file and it wont play on my MP3 player? Most MP3 files on public servers are named with strange extensions or are not descriptive to what file type they are. If you already tried renaming the extension of the file to .MP3 and it wont play it may be a COMPRESSED ARCHIVE file in various formats. Of which the most popular is obviously WINZIP. Try renaming to .ZIP and open the file in WinZip. There are other COMPRESSED formats and some have password encryption so you may need a password. In most cases we provide the password if we know it but 99% of the time the file is either an MP3 file or a WinZip file. One other occasionally used format is self-extracting archive. Try renaming to .exe and running it (BE CAREFUL SCAN FOR VIRUSES).
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